Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson Donates 1st Game Check to Stadium Workers Affected by Hurricane

We continue to share with you stories of people paying it forward. Acts of kindness are contagious. By doing something nice for someone, you change someones day, or in some cases, you can change their life. We found a story today that is what paying it forward is all about.

The Houston Texans Rookie Quarterback Deshaun Watson received his first NFL pay check yesterday. It is a big time in the 22 year olds life, a big milestone in his career. However, instead of taking his first paycheck to the bank, Deshaun decided to pay it forward. He gave his 1st paycheck to three women who work in the NRG Stadium cafeteria and who were especially affected by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey.


Watson, who has a base salary of $465,000, donated a check for $27,353. We wanted to share this story with our audience and to keep preaching to pay it forward. Because here at Pic $ Pay, we believe in recognizing and rewarding kindness. By encouraging acts of kindness around the world, together we can truly make and impact.