“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.”

Every Spring, this iconic quote from The Devil Wears Prada, recirculates through media as designers try to reinforce newer and fresher trends. Although florals are no surprise when bloom season approaches, with all due respect Ms. Priestly, florals are here to stay!

Florals can be daunting to style since they come in so many ways: tiny micro florals, giant flower prints, embroidery and appliqués. The list goes on! So, with the help of our Pic & Pay Ambassadors, we have created a guide on how to style your florals with the right shoe. 

Not ready for the flower power? Let’s take baby steps and try leaves! Jez (@wearetrenders), warms up to Spring in some fun orange bottoms and keeps things fresh with our white DIEN mules. (See post cover photo above.) To contrast the striking color, a peek of a palm leaf brings this instagram post to life!

One step closer… Pull inspiration from the lightness of lilacs and lavender like Katy (@katymospanyuk) has here. Keeping things in the same saturation family, she has styled our lilac NAHLA heels with a light wash denim and light grey. Pick a flower for the most authentic Spring accessory!

The easiest way to style a busy floral print is with a nude shoe! Alison (@allthingsalison) cleverly elongates her legs with our GEMA bootie and refuses to distract you from her wildflower boho-chic dress.

Katie (@thewonderlistxyz) nods to 90’s decor with this macro floral print dress. Staying true to the modest cut of the dress, Katie teams the look with our DAINTY bow flats which keeps her cute and comfortable! By choosing flats instead of heels, she exudes joy and effortlessness.

Spice up your florals by pulling a shade from the print and taking it all the way. Hadasa (@thedressychick) pulls the red/orange from her dress and teams up our orange NAHLA heels and red jacket. This bold look is for the brave and you’ll definitely have people turning heads!

Experiment with florals and take our shoes along with you! We’re sure this time, Ms. Priestly will give you her smirk!

Where might you spring into with PIC & PAY shoes? Tag us @picandpay!

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