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Our Mission

“Paying it forward” (v):  Responding to a person’s kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else.

At Pic & Pay, we believe in recognizing and rewarding kindness. We also believe that doing good can feel good, and so can being the beneficiary of someone else’s good deed.  That’s why we want to encourage others to do good.  By encouraging acts of kindness around the world, we can truly make an impact.

How We Generate Kindness

When you purchase a pair of Pic & Pay shoes, a percentage of your purchase will go towards spreading kindness globally. You will also become part of a network of Forwarders, ambassadors of paying it forward who are encouraged to spread random acts of kindness. When you do a good deed for someone, tell them to go pay it forward and watch the ripple effect that a simple act can create.

With so many negative stories in the news, we could all use some good news. That’s why we encourage you to share stories with us when you witness somebody doing a good deed. Email it to us or share it on social media. After all, kindness deserves to be recognized. And rewarded.

Sometimes all it takes is one act of kindness to change someone’s whole life.  Will you stand for kindness?