February was a whirlwind and carried New York Fashion Week with it! Keeping up with the hustle and bustle of this year’s event, Alison (@allthingsalison) teamed up with us to keep her comfy, swift, and chic!

Before hitting New York, Alison took an instagram story showing us through her outfits as she packed her luggage. For this entire week of high fashion events, you might think you’d need a huge cargo of clothing options. Quite the opposite for Alison! Alison pushed her style limits and dared to only bring 4 pairs of shoes – 2 of which are from our Spring 2019 Collection!

Continue reading to see how she maximizes our versatile ZEPHYR and ZAVEN sneaker wedges!

Alison packs a punch with her first post wearing our white ZEPHYRs. Giving us a retro “Saved By The Bell” throwback, the hot pink and checkered green is definitely an eye catcher! (Post cover photo above.) Pulling the white from the checkered pants and framing these bright colors with our white sneaker wedges and a white hat makes this look work! 

Mixing prints is daunting but Alison always pushes the envelope! Taking the white ZEPHYRs from last-post’s-casual to this-post’s-jumpsuit, Alison makes floral work for the winter and spices it up with a cheetah print cardigan. She then cleverly ties her hair up into a bun and swipes a berry lip to match.

Roses are red,
violets blue,
throw on a gown,
with our ZAVEN shoe!

In a gorgeous macro-rose printed gown, Alison dresses down with a black moto and our black ZAVEN shoe. This turns the look from sweet roses to a tough Guns&Roses!

Kill Bill Vol. 3 featuring Alison slaying the street of New York in our black ZAVEN shoe! Yellow is a major color trend this season and Alison keeps it street with a jogger pant and large leather bag. Color blocking black with pops of color makes an instantly chic outfit!

This last look is a perfect mix of 70’s mod and 90’s Clueless. A plaid miniskirt and a textured top against the checkered floor makes this easily instagrammable! Teamed with our white ZEPHYR sneaker wedge and the hat to match, this puts the icing on top of this year’s NYFW!

For more of Alison follow her on Instagram @allthingsalison!

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