How to Wear Trainers

When you hear the word “trainers,” what would come to your mind first? Gym? That sounds about right. Trainers indeed are commonly used in the gym; they are also widely popular amongst the commuter as they are known for the comfort they provide. They are, however, considered very casual—they tend to be paired with some Tees, shorts or yoga pants. What isn’t considered casual would be the generic flat/pump/heeled shoes which aren’t very comfortable, though they look classier. Beauty, after all, is pain. Still, what if we tell you that you don’t have to opt neither style nor comfort and have both instead? There are tons of ways that you can style your trainers and still have that chic-look, and we are here to tell you how:

  1. With Jeans

Depends on where you work and the dress-code applied in the office, but there are a lot of work place that allow you to wear jeans—and this is the perfect pair to the trainers! Just add/throw some blazer on, and you will get that business-casual look easily.


  1. With Maxi Dresses

Who says trainers are only for pants? With Summer right around the corner, we are bound to want to wear something flowy. The good news is, sandals and flip flop aren’t the only friends to maxi dress and/ or skirt! Just pair a black maxi dress with white sneakers, and you are ready to go!


  1. With Skirts

Just like the maxi dress, combination of (any kind of) skirt with trainers is totally doable. You can play a lot with the top with some tees, sweater, even leather jacket! To top it off, you can add some sling bag and complete the adorable look.


  1. With Shirts

This is the ultimate chic-look you could achieve with sneakers! You could pair the shirt with some crop-sweater so the collar can peek through on top and you could still see the color of the shirt beneath it. The shirt could be paired with either jeans, maxi skirts, or even pencil skirts!


  1. With the Classic Shorts

This might be the most basic outfit you could create with trainers, but that does not mean you can’t make it stylish! Pair high-waisted shorts with a crop top or t-shirt being knotted on the side and throw the trainers, you have the most comfortable outfit out there! You can always pair the shorts with some half-sleeve t-shirt, just add a floppy hat on top.

Here are the options of trainers that we offer:


And to give you some ideas, we have made a board on Pinterest just for you, check it out!

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